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Student Activities committee

Bhartians are known for their exquisite personality which is a perfect blend of great intellect, passion, determination, confidence and talent. Apart from helping Bhartians shine in the field of academics, Bhartians also offers a platform to each of its student where he/she can hone their skills in various other fields which will prepare them to be the global leaders.

Functions and responsibilities

  • To plan, organize, coordinate and supervise the college's educational, recreational, social and cultural student activities programs.
  • To involve the students having passion about various cultural activities related to dance, Drama, Music, Fine Arts, Fashion, Painting, Photography etc.
Student Activities committee
  • To focus on gaming of all sorts - PC, console, tabletop, casual or competitive, multiplayer or single player.
  • To promote students who have that fire to construct new things and explore, experiment and innovate new ideas on stage.

"The Vision of Bharti College of Agriculture is to inspire the students to chase their dreams and their ambitions with clear and decisive mindset."


"Our mission is to working towards being the best by incorporating the principles of total quality management (TQM) and excellence."

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